Sunday, January 31, 2016


Her new family is willing to provide the much needed TLC to complete her heartworm therapy ... and give her her very own permanent home!

Congratulations, Honeysuckle!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Today is a sad day.  Miss Honeysuckle has returned to the Maui Humane Society to find a new foster home to complete her regimen to cure heart worm.

I cannot keep her as I have guests arriving who are not "dog people".  In fact, a bit afraid of dogs....especially this wonderful breed.  When I invited them to come visit me, I didn't have a dog.  They first learned about my foster baby when I started this blog.  (They read my other blog).

It took them a while to be able to bring up the topic and I am so glad they did!  For people who do not have pets, having a big lug of a girl laying on your feet or sliming your leg after getting a drink is not part of a Maui vacation.  It's not easy to plan a day and then want to extend it when you have a dog who needs to go out, or to be fed.  This Honey craves attention and companionship and would feel bad being left at home every day while we explore the island.

I had to call Rachel and give her the sad news.

She is working like crazy trying to find a 60-day home stay so she can continue her treatment.  If you live here and know of anyone who would like 50 lbs of love for a couple of months, please contact the Maui Humane Society and say I WANT HONEYSUCKLE.

You won't regret a single minute.  

Monday, January 18, 2016


Honeysuckle is just such a sweet loving dog.  Always smiling.  Lays on her back in the sunshine (and snores).  Slow to wake up.  So trusting.

I've heard her quietly growl a few times.  Usually at night and I figure she is dreaming of chasing a cat.  Or maybe she really heard one jump my fence.

Yesterday I heard some very ferocious barking!  I thought someone's dog was on the loose.  It sounded like it was just on the other side of my back fence (undeveloped area) and maybe the wild thing smelled Honey.

I dashed outside and guess what?  IT WAS HONEYSUCKLE!  Barking!  She sounded savage.  My neighbors had people working on their air conditioner and she couldn't "see" them.  Oh my gosh!  Who knew she was such a protector?  I bet she would lick an intruder to death!

What she sounds like ....

This morning I have an a/c guy here giving my ductless system a cleaning.  Honey was out on the back deck.  He went out to hose off some parts and almost had a heart attack when she came loping over BARKING that aggressive bark!

This is while he is inside, going from room to room.  Tiny almost inaudible growl ....

Good job, Honey.  Good job!

Monday, January 11, 2016


After much discussion, Honey convinced me she needed a day at the beauty parlor.  She thanked me for my attempt at giving her showers but she really wanted a very sudsy, luxurious bath.  And her nails!  No more pics until those uglies get groomed!

My beautiful little neighbor dog gets her fancy on at The Mutt Hut.  She always looks stunning and smells so fresh, I decided to give them a try.  As you may remember, we need to keep her heart rate low so Randy got her in very early before all the action starts.

She enjoyed being pampered and getting that pedicure.  Plus she got a beautiful Hawaiian print scarf.

Monday, January 4, 2016


Since I wasn't sure how Honeysuckle would react around fireworks, I decided to stay home.  Two gal pals and one perfect Havanese girl came over to join us.  We shared pupus and bubbly and actually stayed up past midnight to enjoy spectacular fireworks.  The canine girls stayed inside.

Honey was so excited to have company.  A little TOO excited so I had to put her in our bedroom until she calmed down and had her usual good manners.  And she did.  Jodie, our little Havanese neighbor, has been to my house many times.  She's used to sitting on my lap but Honey would have nothing to do with that!  I was HERS and no one else's.

She had to lay right beside me and would give Jodie the evil eye if she came too close.

She was giving me high fives all night.  So silly!

She even looks pretty when she is upside down.

But at the end of the evening, she prefers snuggling in for a nap!  After our guest left about 12:30 am, we puttered about and didn't get to bed til almost 3:00 am.

We both slept in and had a very lazy first day of 2016.

Monday, December 28, 2015


I think our blog will be once a week from now on.  We don't want to bore you to death with how cute Honeysuckle is.  She is 47 lbs of love and admiration.

While I know this sedentary lifestyle is good for her health, until those heartworms are dead and gone, she is chomping at the bit to just play and be a dog.

We are thankful to be living in Maui.  Lots of Vitamin D for us to enjoy ...

She loves to lay in the sun until I think she is going to catch on fire.  Then inside to the a/c and lying on the cool tile floor.

After all that excitement ... it's time for a nap in our bedroom.

It's a dog's life after all!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Honeysuckle is a really really good dog.  She loves me unconditionally already.  She's silly and funny and fun even though we can't get her riled up.  She loves to find toys I've hidden around the house and back deck.

Yet she is a real dog.

She tries to eat cat poop.  Thankfully, since she's been here we don't have nearly as much cat traffic.  But she did get one almond roca.

She eats weeds (because I have no grass).  And yes, she urped it back up.  Luckily for me, it was outside so I could hose it off easily.

She drags my slippers out.  Thankfully she usually licks them and then takes a nap with them.  (How did I not notice this little trick of hers?)

Every night she tries to climb up into my bed.  Not sure how long I can resist that though.  Actually, it's hard to remember it has been less than two weeks since she came home with me!

She drips water all over the kitchen floor.  She loves taking her food OUT of her bowl, put it on the floor and then eat it.  I'm not sure I would call it "begging" but she really enjoys watching me eat.  No people food.  But since I'm trying to plump her up a little, she does get a doggie treat or two every day.

And she helps me keep on a wake up schedule ... 7:30 on the dot!  This morning I woke up early but she refused to budge.  Until 7:30!

I really do appreciate all of her attention.  And supervision.  She helped me put this together ...